ICC finds Mohammad Hafeez bowling illegal, all-rounder reacts

Mohammad Hafeez might be the only cricketer in the world cricket who can explain the bowling test as detailed as it can get. He is the only bowler to get under the stamp for three times and each time he fought back to get back his bowling status. Now, he once again banned from bowling.

His action was reported by the on-field umpires during the third ODI match against Sri Lanka in the recently concluded series at Abu Dhabi. He attended the respective test after the conclusion of the Sri Lanka series and unfortunately could not pass through as the system found his action to be illegal.

Hafeez was banned under the article 11.5 which reads the player is not available to bowl in the International circuit as he exceeds his bowling angle over 15 degrees. However, they quoted that Hafeez can return to the action if applies for the clause 4.5 of the regulations with modified action.

Mohammad Hafeez reacts:

The professor, Mohammad Hafeez expressed his sadness over the ICC decision on asking him to quit the bowling and further quoted that he won’t give it up as he already succeeded in passing earlier. He said that he will strive once again to get his bowling status back in his arsenal.

”Saddened to know the result of my bowling action from ICC , it would never pull me down , wil never give up , worked so hard to remodelled it & wil work again twice harder to get better to serve my beloved country Pakistan & Achieve MORE,” Hafeez wrote on his Twitter panel.

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