India ‘cramped for time as usual’ ahead of South Africa tour, says Virat Kohli

Indian skipper Virat Kohli acknowledged that the tight schedule before the South African tour has led him to request for hard and bouncy tracks in the ongoing Test series against Sri Lanka. Ahead of the second Test against the Lankans in Nagpur, Kohli spoke to the media and also said that the ideal scenario for preparation would have been if team India had got a month off for with a preparatory camp.

When asked if he had the requested for bouncy tracks, Kohli said, “Yes, because unfortunately, we get only two days before we fly to South Africa after this series gets over. So we have no choice but be in the game situation and think of what’s coming ahead of us. Had we got a month off ideally, we would have done a proper preparation in a camp sort of scenario, but we have to sort of make do with what we have.”

Bemoaning the tight programming the Indian skipper also said that in future proper assessment needs to done before an overseas tour so that his side has ample time to prepare and re . “As usual cramped for time, which I think we needed to assess in future as well because we very easily assess the team when go abroad but we don’t look at how many days we have got to prepare before we go to a particular place to play. And everyone starts judging players when results come after Test matches. It should be a fair game where we get to prepare the way we want to and then we are entitled to be criticised,” said Kohli.

The aggressive Indian batsman also maintained that his side willing to perform in difficult conditions and build on the good performances that they put in. “So we thought this is an ample opportunity for us to challenge ourselves, put us in a situation… As I said, we want to embrace being in difficult conditions. I am not saying that everyone will go out and perform immediately but if we can feel comfortable about it after one or two or three innings, someone will come good. And once you come good, you build on that confidence. It’s the same for the bowlers. Yes, we are looking at this as an opportunity,” he concluded.

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