Kapil Dev feels cricketers can take break whenever they want

Cricketers taking rest is being highlighted from last day when Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Shikhar Dhawan were out from the game due to their personal reasons. But when it comes to former world cup winning skipper of India, Kapil Dev, he didn’t see anything fishy about players taking rest.

Kapil Dev defends saying the current cricketers are professionals and explained the scenario by taking the journalists as an example. He feels that players can take rest whenever they want as India are currently cruising on a hectic schedule especially for the last 3-4 months.

“Cricketers can take a break if they don’t want to play…they are professionals. If journalists are a professional and if you cannot write an article, somebody else will write. If you are not professional, you are doing for enjoyment and your passion, then it’s different,” Kapil Dev said.

“I think today’s game is a profession and a professional can always say, ‘I don’t want to play, ‘I can play. If cricketers (are) saying there (is) too much cricket, must be. I don’t know. I am not with them. I cannot really make any judgement on their behalf,” Kapil Dev quoted to PTI.

I think current Indian team is wonderful: Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev further added that current Indian cricket is heading in a right direction and are taking the opposition quite nicely to emerge as victorious. He added that Indian Cricket developed tremendously from the last one and half a decade.

“I think they are wonderful. They are a great team at the moment. Last 10-15 years, the Indian team has done really well,” he concluded while speaking after the event in Hyderabad.

However, as Kapil said, Indian team is attaining the greater heights in the game of cricket. India is currently at top of their game and beating them at the home became almost impossible. Nevertheless, the real test arises when India takes a flight to overseas tours.

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