Sanjay Manjrekar feels MS Dhoni lost his six hitting capabilities

Sanjay Manjrekar once again makes his voice on the most debated topic in the recent past. Yes, you are right and it is on MS Dhoni’s retirement. Ever Since MS Dhoni failed to talk with his willow in one match, the next moment critic masters started the arguments in all the possible ways across the globe.

It was all started when Aakash Chopra, VVS Laxman, Agarkar and few other asked MS Dhoni to make way from the shortest format of the game while few legends of the game came in support of MS Dhoni calling that there is no need of starting a debate over the topic which doesn’t even a matter.

Sanjay Manjrekar feels that MS Dhoni lost his mojo of hitting sixes. He quoted that earlier Dhoni used to smack 4 sixes in 6 balls and shouldered India single-handedly over the victory ropes but now he is depending on the others and his six hitting charm has been vanished compared to past.

“He (Dhoni) is not the game changer as often as he was in the past. Earlier, he could tonk four sixes off six balls at will, now he can hit only one. He now has to rely more on others to win games,” Sanjay Manjrekar quoted in an interview with ESPN Cricinfo.

“If there is someone outside the team showing potential to contribute more than Dhoni does in his current form, it’s a matter to be discussed and debated, and without inviting angry and irrational responses. It’s healthy for the game and must not be stifled,” he furtherly added.

However, as Kapil Dev said, though there are many perceptions over MS Dhoni’s place on the Indian side, apart from selectors, none has the right to step down the former skipper from the team.

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