Virat Kohli won’t miss a second of the match as long as his body allows: Sridhar

Virat Kohli always likes to be in the thick of the action. The Indian skipper has played continuous cricket throughout the season and it is palpable that at some point in time, he would also need some rest under his belt. The Indian fielding coach R Sridhar said that Virat Kohli won’t like to miss any second of the match as long as his body allows him to.

Kohli has been the most consistent Indian batsman and it is understandable that he has spent the most number of hours at the crease. It is never easy to play continuous cricket right throughout and a lot of credit goes to Virat Kohli to keep himself fit as a fiddle. Kohli always likes to push himself to the limits and he has been doing that for a decent period of time.

Pivotal to manage Kohli’s workload.

Virat Kohli had recently said that he is not a robot and would ask for the rest when he will need it. It is crucial to manage the workload of the players and the team management is also focussed on the same.

R Sridhar said in the post-match conference after the end of Day 2 play, “Each member of this team is very proud to represent his country at any given opportunity. Most of the team love to play every match. Knowing Virat, he wears his pride on his sleeve. As long as his body allows he would not miss a single second of the match”.

Hardik Pandya was initially named in the squad for the Sri Lankan series but was later released by the board as he had asked for rest. Pandya’s workload is tight as he is an all-rounder and thus has many roles to play in the team.

Sridhar added, “The parameters we take into consideration is the workload. “The time he spent at the crease, overs, batting…based on that, the team management takes a call on who needs to be rotated.”

Virat Kohli is the best batsman in the Indian team and it is imperative to manage his workload. Kohli has been playing regularly and it would be interesting to note that when he will ask for the rest.

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