Yuvraj Singh gives delighting news to his fans ahead of T20 series

One of the unsung heroes of Indian cricket, Yuvraj Singh has had an everlasting impact and is touted as one of the greatest limited overs players. Despite all the health struggles he had to combat, Yuvraj fought his way back into the Indian side against England earlier this year and it seemed as though he would make a fairytale appearance in the 2019 World Cup. But with him getting dropped from the side yet again, the chances of that happening look grim.

The legendary middle order batsman spoke at length about the importance of facing your failures bravely. He took his struggles with fitness as an example of it and suggested he is no more afraid of failing. He quoted that defeats are the pillars of success and these type of struggles will only take you to the next level in life.

“I would like to tell that I am failing. I still fail. I failed the last three fitness tests but yesterday I passed my fitness test. After 17 years I am still failing. I am not afraid of failure. I have gone through ups and downs. I have seen defeat and that’s what’s the pillar of success. To be a successful man, to be a successful person in your life, you need failure and you’ve got to be defeated. That will make you a stronger person and it will take you to the next level,” Yuvraj said.

I still believe in myself
The 36-year-old, who will turn 37 in a span of 8 days, has confirmed he will give his best shot at getting selected for the upcoming World Cup. The 304-ODIs veteran says he believes in himself and is getting more harder as he is ageing. He said he will take a final call on his career in 2019.

“I am still playing. I don’t know what format I am going to play. But I am pushing every day as hard as I used to, maybe harder than before because I am getting older. And I see myself playing cricket till 2019 and obviously take a call after that. So I still believe in myself. As I said I don’t know how many people believe in me but I do believe in myself,” he said.

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